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As a judge I help families in Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, Texas and several other cities. My motto is “Justice Without Exception”. That means that everyone should be treated in a fair and unbiased way every time they go to the Courthouse. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. 

- Judge Mary lou Alvarez

Download Your Free Copy Of The Courthouse Adventure Book Today! 

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Courthouse activity book now available for free

Fun facts, puzzles, coloring pages make up the new children’s courthouse activity book.

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9 cases have been settled since reopening on June 1

In-person hearings and jury trials have resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic brought them to a halt 

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Judge Alvarez is trying to change that by adding a sense of urgency to each child's case.

"I'm surprised it's not a bigger priority for everyone,

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About Judge Alvarez

Judge Mary Lou Alvarez presides over Bexar County’s 45th District Court. She is currently in her second term on the bench and has been elected twice by mandate of the voters.

She was born and raised in Texas, is the daughter of a migrant worker, and she the proud mom of Mari & Javi.
She was first elected in 2018 and became a judge after 15 years as a lawyer. She spent the majority of her practice working at Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. There she represented victims of domestic violence during divorce, custody, and protective order litigation. Click to continue reading

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