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About Judge Mary Lou Alvarez

Judge Mary Lou Alvarez presides over Bexar County’s 45th District Court. She is currently in her second term on the bench and has been elected twice by mandate of the voters.

She was born and raised in Texas, is the daughter of a migrant worker, and she the proud mom of Mari & Javi.
She was first elected in 2018 and became a judge after 15 years as a lawyer. She spent the majority of her practice working at Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. There she represented victims of domestic violence during divorce, custody, and protective order litigation.

Her formal education is not only in the legal field but also in engineering and as a Community Educator. She received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. Two years later she completed her Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall University, School of Law.

Judge Alvarez is the author of the Courthouse Adventure Book. The book is an activity book intended to educate children about the judiciary in Texas, as well as the rich history of Bexar County.

As a judge, she has also provided training that is critical to improving outcomes in civil court and that will meet the needs of our most vulnerable children. 

Judge Alvarez is committed to serving our community and making sure our judiciary remains dedicated to providing justice without exception.

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